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We have walked in your shoes; we bring a unique perspective (yours…) to the consulting relationship. We tackle your challenges with action.

Corporate Health Group is

Exclusive to healthcare, we partner with clients to provide customer-based, ROI models that drive referrals.

Jill Stratton, President

30 years Hospital Program Development & Physician Relations

About Us

Your Challenges Are Our Solutions...

No results or limited Return on Investment (ROI)

We deliver – implementation of infrastructure and ROI systems: models, tools, templates, strategy and integration

Lack of strategic planning around referral development

We deliver – planning: strategic, business, marketing, sales, and research and market feasibility studies

Fragmented messaging and loss of business

We deliver – sales training, sales planning, customer issue resolution and leadership rounding classes (healthcare specific)

Issues with Sales and Marketing staffing and performance

We deliver – recruitment, performance standards, compensation, coaching and development and training

Decentralized sales or outreach functions

We deliver – program and service line assessment, design, development, staffing and implementation models

Underutilized or inappropriate use of CRM

We deliver – maximize utilization through customization of CRM or addition of a new PRM platform

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  • 888-334-2500
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